Palm Size

The system, which is suitable for small and large restaurants, allows you to effectively manage restaurants of the corporation. Particularly noteworthy are several main problems to be solved automation system speed and quality of service people – the main task of the restaurant Kernel restaurant system – the system works with orders. To enter personnel information about the order into the system there specialized steward (Peek) or cash (with the ability to print fiscal checks) POS-station based on the classic keyboards, the keyboards and psevdosensornyh besklaviaturny devices (touch Touch-screen LCD-monitor, responsive to the touch of a finger). The latter technology is becoming more common due to a number of significant advantages: order entry is carried out on 20-30% faster than the keyboard technology by focusing on the screen. Itself “keyboard”, drawn on the screen, more compact, since the program drawn only keys required in this mode. In addition, the keys for quick access to dishes the menu may be provided with icons (graphic images), which greatly speeds up the search for them.

Touch-screen smaller stations, which can be important when space is limited, they can hang on the wall, thus reducing the risk of damage to expensive equipment from spilling drinks and breaking of solid objects. In some cases (eg, open-air cafe at the restaurant) is applied hand wearable terminal with handwritten input on the basis of Palm Size PC (PDA). Such devices can be used to improve service because they can reduce the circuit guest-Notebook-System and enter the order directly at the table guest.