Reduced Marble Floors Terrazzo

The process of cut and polish the marble floors, terrazzo or granite is pre-polishing process and applies to new pavements or pavements with old worn out and scratched the surface over time. An inexperienced person usually tends to confuse the terms "polished floor" and "ground shine" while for professional floor polishing are two completely different concepts. Each of these two services is characterized by a different procedure, and use other machines and other equipment for each of these services. The main task of a lower service and marble or terrazzo is not to make the floor shine but serves to equalize the surface of newly laid tiles. In the process of placing soil is virtually impossible that a floor installer put them in a perfect flush. We explain using the example of a motorcycle repair shop has been placed on the floor of a repair shop terrazzo tiles. As the tiles seemed placed in a perfect, managers have requested a service exclusively pickling and polishing the surface, without recess. When the workshop started its activity, it appeared that the edges of the terrazzo tiles were damaged and broken when workers moved from site of large displacement motorcycles, dragging along the ground with supporting posts.

It turned out that the construction company has never polished (lowered) this soil, which would equal the surface, but directly proceeded to shine. Polished service, or route is then applied to new pavement, freshly placed to eliminate the damage caused during placement and to match together. It is often also make the service of recess, polished and refined in the marble and terrazzo floors where the surface has deteriorated and worn with the passage of time. The recess and polishing of marble or terrazzo floor is to polish the floor with stone polishing machine using different grains. The first lowers the topsoil with very coarse grained rock, then paved the surface with medium grit until you reach the finest grain to achieve the level and texture of stone suitable to proceed with its polished.