Human Resources

The internationalization of individuals and organizations in psychology can yield significant benefits to training psychologists. This is so provided that they circumvent the cultural and social organization of our population and its needs, the requirements of sustainable environmental actions and the quest for respect and equality in care and service to the population. training of psychologists in Mexico is constantly reviewed and updated through the feedback provided by specific research and general information accreditation processes (Ortiz, 2005). Field work area’s best-known work is a psychologist clinical psychology, but not all psychologists practicing clinical psychology, not all professionals providing psychological treatment are graduates in psychology. Some of the work areas in which the psychologist can perform are: School Psychology: The psychologist has a vital role in the educational process, as their knowledge about the child’s psychological maturation process are credited to participate in development programs training for children with special needs (mentally handicapped, developmental disorders, gifted children, etc.).. Human Resources and Organizational Psychology: Psychologists working in this field study human behavior at work, and develop programs and procedures for work experience is the most satisfactory from the point of view of the company and the worker.

Some of the functions of these professionals are: selection and training of personnel, analyze and jobs, organizing and developing human resources, etc. Social and Community Psychology: There are many psychologists working in this area, especially in the public domain. Develop programs for groups, excluded minorities, for underprivileged groups, etc. The unit of analysis is often the group, family, group or population, that is, it examines human behavior in social and group.