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The main advantage of legal persons is that in almost all cases have limited liability. Another advantage is that it can be considered valid the branches be entered in the register. When you are registered it is easier to organize the legal person, since the register controls the legality (rule of law) of registration and compliance with other principles registration. Allow to separate the capital of the legal person with capital partners that formed the legal person. For example, if and b c is a legal person, the capital of the company capital is distinct from the partners. 4. DISADVANTAGES OF LEGAL PERSONS Legal persons have disadvantages, ie legal persons not only have advantages.

Taxation, ie tax system are in another, or put another way taxed more. They have another disadvantage that limited liability can be pushed aside with the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil. 5. IMPORTANCE Create an enabling environment for investment in various forms of legal entities. In addition it is usually more serious contract with a legal person with a natural person. Let members choose which fits their abilities and needs.

The importance of legal persons does not equal the right of all States, in that sense there are legal persons in the same way or in their types in the right of all States. 6. CARACTERE STICA We have not had the light works in which to develop the characteristics of legal persons, which is difficult to say the same, but then try to develop the characteristics of legal persons.