Introduction companies must always be vigilant in everything what somehow assured in its operation, development, growth, services, a good organizational behavior, therefore, a positive climate, enabling to achieve the established objectives. Account with other disciplines, such as humanistic psychology, that through its different currents collaborate you to reinforce the motivation, appropriate use of their human resources, resource that is decisive in its operation, where its members perform their functions according to their role and to the extent that these are fully identified with the company, that have consolidated their spirit of membership thereincoupled with good leadership, management of well-defined processes, as well as their administrative systems, competitive strategies and business plans, achievements will be a reality. An important issue considered in pro work together for a good behavior and apply it correctly in the enterprise human resource is the of The Gestalt. On this occasion, we enter some notes of the Gestalt, which we consider to justify its relevance and scope, information to be taken into account and put them into action, transformed into a great help for the management, since then for organizational behavior. Notes that we have selected respecting their sources and that they contribute significantly if you know use. Some basic notes the term Gestalt comes from German and was introduced for the first time by Christian von Ehrenfels. You don’t have a single translation, although it is generally understood as form. However, could also be translated as figure, configuration and, even, structure or creating the term Gestalt may refer to:-experimental German called psychology of Gestalt.

and a theoretical school.-A school of American psychotherapy founded by German Fritz Perls among others, called Gestalt Therapy. -The German term Gestalt. This word, as everything noun in German language, is always written in uppercase. It has been translated as shape or configuration, but do not have an exact in Spanish equivalent because it is often used without translating it.