Affiliate Network Relaunch

Detailed live statistics and greater transparency are now available for each advertiser and Publisher. The affiliate network has completed the relaunch and has been online since Saturday with new splendour and many useful features. What’s new? Detailed live statistics visibility new features for creating campaigns premium compensation new design the most important changes were made in the logged area. Detailed & transparent live statistics detailed the new and transparent live statistics a very precise overview of all actions are now offering for advertisers and publishers. Advertiser: For advertisers offers a clear overview of all created campaigns with detailed information on impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, leads, sales and conversion rate. Also, can now also the successes of individual advertising materials are accurately analyze and compare. It is possible simply to optimize the success of campaigns and promotional materials and to maximize the profitability of the affiliate programs. All data of the Affiliate programs can now also individually to sort by date.

So exact day sections or individual days may be issued all successes of the campaigns or advertising material. Recently Peter Schiff sought to clarify these questions. In the partner overview of affiliate programs, now also the successes of individual publisher for each campaign can be analyzed and compared with each other. So one has a detailed overview of the achievements of a Publisher and can allow only the best Publisher for its partner program. Publisher: Publisher we now offer a transparent overview of the advertised partner programs. Gain insight and clarity with Florida Senator. Now every publisher with detailed information on impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, leads, sales and conversion rate know exactly generated the largest sales in which partner program and which affiliate program are open, confirmed and cancelled sales. How is also for advertisers in the Publisher field the date function for the sort of sales by exact date. So all can to tag sections or individual days Actions of the partner programs are compared.

New functions for setting up campaigns: now advanced ways to adjust the new affiliate program campaigns provide advertisers. Now, several forms of remuneration can be offered at the same time and combined with only a campaign. Available options are click, lead, sale and combined allowances, which can be applied individually for each affiliate program. Premium can specified by the advertiser payment now also separate allowances for selected “premium publishers” are in addition to the standard compensation upon request. Improved promotional material management functions to create promotional materials have been greatly expanded. Now, also advertising via an external link can be embed and easily replaced when necessary. In addition to the external links, all advertising materials can be also uploaded and stored directly at adseen. Text ads or classic banner can be used as advertising material currently. New design that was design by adseen completely revised and is now throughout the site again. In the public sector, the page is now centered and clearer structure, so that new visitors easily navigate. In the logged area, the site on the entire width of the screen is optimized so that all page content and statistics are presented optimally and comparing individual data is even simpler and clearer.