Alternative To Remote Access Software

In many cases, no access to the remote PC is needed or even explicitly undesirable when using a remote access software. The software developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH “Online Desktop Presenter” enables a simple viewing own screen via the Internet. The transmission of the content of the screen automatically via FTP on your own Web server or a free webspace. The big advantage of this solution: no software must be installed on the Remote Viewer, he considered a normal Web page in the browser. No problems with firewall or other security-relevant installations thus incurred it. With the “online desktop presenter” the desktop can be displayed simultaneously parallel several people. To deepen your understanding Primerica financial services is the source. In presentations, training sessions and sales meetings can interlocutors follow the own screen on the viewers page by simple display of the corresponding Web address in the browser, regardless of the system under Windows, Mac and Linux. On page of the presenter are for online presentations of the own screen via “Online desktop presenter” only an Internet connection, as well as a FTP access to a subdirectory of a Web server (your own or free Web space).

It requires no additional installations on the Web server but only about 300 KB of space in a subdirectory. For Apache Web servers access of the viewers to the online presentation can be equipped in addition with a password. After the presentation, the unit can be used to automatically delete the contents on the Web server and finally displayed the audience any Web address. The online desktop presenter 1.7 runs under Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista. The software is distributed as shareware and can presenter at the address / indexde.htm be downloaded free for testing. No subscription charges or costs per online session apply. The one-time cost of a single license EUR 140.-, for the corporate license for an unlimited number of Euro 35.-for a business license for use on up to 10 PCs in the same company Installations in the same company euro 315.-.

About INFONAUTICS GmbH: The 1995 founded INFONAUTICS GmbH implemented innovative and reliable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the online desktop presenter an online booking system for hotels and hotel groups, as well as a real-time backup program for the current backup during the work on the programs developed by INFONAUTICS GmbH include among other survey software to carry out analyses of satisfaction of customers and employees.