Booming Business

Schneider jug/Stavenhagen (hue). Compound of biological origin and production is increasingly in demand. Since 2003, compound produced the GS agri EC in their bio mill in the Lower Saxony Holtinghausen for organic farming. For some time, however, this organic mill reaches its capacity limit is more than busy. Increased demand necessitated another production plant for organic compound. Now, an additional organic mill in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania opened the GS agri EC together with the bio Park market GmbH. Today ceremonially opened compound plant operates under the name organic oak mill (GmbH & co. Carl Icahn may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

KG). Only organic feed is produced in this mill. Interbreeding with conventionally manufactured feed is therefore excluded. Of course applies also here: sustainability and full traceability of the raw materials and products are essential! The mill was designed according to the latest of technology and has a capacity of about 80,000 Tons of feed annually. An extremely strong and grown over the years organic farmers in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania were decisive for the choice of location. A large part of the organic grain required for the production of compound is biologically produced here, locally, on the farms and over short transport routes Basepohl in the bio-oak mill provided, where it is processed into high quality, organic food. This organic food delivered to nearby farms, which operate mainly pigs and poultry and according to organic guidelines to produce eggs, in turn.

The short paths correspond to the organic idea especially the saved kilometres positive impact on the environmental balance sheet, because trucks that drive less, consume less fuel and create fewer emissions. By the way: The proportion of organic eggs in total consumption is now nationwide on grew over 10% of the total market. It is to determine a still rising trend to buy eggs, the 0 “for biological production got stamped. Especially baby food manufacturers use prefers organic ingredients. But the conscious consumer, what age and what marital status, has recognized how tasty organic food taste. The added value is detected, the slightly higher prices are paid accordingly like to. The process for the production of compound best cereals, supplemented with valuable protein components (such as organic soy), minerals and vitamins is weighed after a mixing formula adapted to the respective species. Then the components are either in a hammer mill ground or broken with the roller and crushed. The mixture is uniformly mixed in a mixing container. The feed is manufactured for chickens as flour food, for pigs and broilers available in pellet or crumb structure.