Brazilian Culture

The LEAGUE OF the NATIONAL DEFENSE, is a Brazilian civic-cultural association, established in 7 of September of 1916, for the poet Olavo Bilac in the city of Rio De Janeiro, considered of public utility for Decree n 67,576, of 1970, with proper corporate entity, administrative autonomy, technique and financier, indetermined duration and jurisdiction in all the Domestic territory, with headquarters and forum in the Federal Capital, Brasilia, representations and directions in the States. It has as main purpose to strengthen, in the national public opinion, one raised feeling of love for the native land, to defend the idea of the integrity and territorial sovereignty and the national integration; to promote civic the moral formation, educaciona, cidadl and of the person human being in all its dimensions; to sanction the art and the Brazilian culture and the historical and national values; to stimulate the participation of estudantil youth in Campaigns, Competitions, Halls, Action and other Events and Celebrations of civic character patriotic, in special on dates and national historical countenances exaltando the education and culture, and the rich universe of the proper Brazilian identity.