Coffee House

And the image itself, the concept of institution came to me in the French city of Avignon, where I developed a Russian cafe. ” Hall “Avignon” takes more than 200 sq.m. It is divided into two zones: the French and Moroccan hookah plus five. Interior style is eclectic in a coffee shop, and to characterize it in one word is difficult. According to Irene Schneider, this effect was created intentionally. “When the style exactly correspond to any definition, – she says – it is usually very quickly become boring. We create not a style, and atmosphere – a little French, and aristocratic.

” In the “Avignon” serves Mediterranean cuisine. The most popular dishes – salad “Caesar” and veal with green beans and almonds. In addition, thanks to its own pastry shop, here rich selection of desserts and pastries, all manufactured only from natural products, “without any chemical additives, emulsifiers and other scary words,” as noted by Irina Schneider. Recently, in Chelyabinsk has another “Avignon,” but he, according to the founders, will work likely to form a restaurant than coffee. Wall Street American-style coffee shops in Chelyabinsk, two, and they are located on the same street – at the beginning and end of the Chelyabinsk “Arbat”. One of them opened in 2003, the second – in 2005.

“The name and idea coffee shop came to me spontaneously, – the director Vladimir Tian coffee – I thought that here the business center of Chelyabinsk, just like Wall Street in New York. ” The interior is designed in coffee business with a touch of American-style high-tech. The menu, in addition to a wide range of tea, coffee and desserts typical of a coffee house, you can find snacks and hot meals, oddly enough, the Uzbek cuisine. “This kitchen is very popular in the former Soviet space – says Vladimir Tian. – Uzbek restaurants thrive in Moscow. In general, I believe that the Uzbek dishes more adapted to modern man. ” The average check at a coffee shop is 250-300 rubles. “Fruitcake” African coffee shop at the entrance to which visitors are greeted by a statue of a black-foot soldier. “Fruitcake” has been operating for over four years. Several months ago, the dining room was renovated – has increased the number of seats (65), while the interior was enriched set of original accessories from Tanzania. “For me to create this style was easy and pleasant – says Amir Khanbhay, director of” Cupcake “. – I was born in Tanzania, so he could choose the most unique and stylish things for our interior. ” Coffee House is located on the first floor of a multistory office center, so that 40% of visitors “Cake” – a staff offices. In this regard, are in high demand here for breakfast and lunches. The rest of the menu “Cupcake” follows the format of stores. Here are all the classic varieties of coffee, tea, a rich selection of desserts and snacks. Most often, the “cake” bought sandwiches, waffles and muffins company. From the menu, there are African notes, for example, couscous – a dish from North Africa. However, the traditional coffee house, “Fruitcake” is difficult to name. Music lounge, dimmed light, style shades give the institution lounge-bar.