Ads in Google are a great temptation for those who have a web site, and aspires to monetize it. But, confirmed by reality, and lots of witness cases, ads in Google can be a great solution, as well as the stone that ends from sinking to a site. Before deciding to make ads on Google it is therefore necessary to be clear what the parameters that need to be set up, and how. Put ads in Google that finally will not be as desired can be very expensive, especially if selecting keywords improperly we exhausted the budget too quickly. This is particularly noticeable when we have a high click through rate, but that is not accompanied by the appropriate level of conversions. Many factors influence this panorama.

It may be the case that key words will lead to an inappropriate public e.g. non-geographically-, or simply that the landing page is inefficient. In addition, the situation gets complicated when we consider as Google rewards ads in Google with improved performance. Consequently, if your ads on Google suffer from any fault in its Constitution, prejudice is double, since you must not only compete with other advertisers, but Google will award them to them for having better results than you, so the race is already lost from the same start. Much more scope to have its campaign of Google ads, more competitors you will find. This is not a factor considered very often by novice advertisers, who in his desire of wanting to cover a market as broad as possible, leave aside the fact that this way will find more competition, and consequently their ads will have poorer effectiveness rates. As a result, the picture is dark. But, don’t despair.

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