Corporate Blog

Many people are unaware of or do not know the great potential of corporate blogs (corporate blogs) in the digital world. However, most of the time, these are overvalued and bring with them many risks for companies. The strategy of a blog is born, often accompanied by the launch of a web page, thinking to reach more interested prospects and customers. The problem begins when not is paid periodic care to blog, thus generating fewer visits and less interest in the company. Advantages of a corporate blog – Google loves blogs corporate blogs are magnets of customer traffic.

From a technical perspective, a blog is nothing more and nothing less than a content management system. If either is true, while most up-to-date is the blog, best results of visits may be accounted for. But remember, don’t think the amount of votes that acquires your blog, think of the reader. -Improve the trust companies is not uncommon that blogs it pigeonholes them is under the relationship marketing. And is that when there are publications updated on topics of the company, the reader knows more companies thereby encouraging confidence in your Excellency. Also builds a better relationship with potential customers and fixed customers. -Help from first-hand in cases of crisis when a company is stuck in a crisis, the first thing customers do is search for information on the internet. Therefore, blogs help a lot in these cases, since they show in detail the situation of the company and also show concern because its customers stay informed at first hand.

-Blogs generate transparency the idea of a company to publish a blog, is because without a doubt, it has nothing to hide. This feeling of self it tell you everything, promises many positive points in customers, since they generate much transparency and provide security to the users, as soon as the company is honest. Some contend that Erin Callan shows great expertise in this. -Communicate Feedback should not be one-way. The possibility that give the blogs creating an instant two-way communication, is what attracts envelope way to companies. Know what they want or believe their customers, is something that is priceless. Why bet on a corporate blog, yes it is worth. However, not everything is easy. Disadvantages of having a corporate blog. -Time and costs many are those who say that a blog is a perfect marketing tool, since it is free. But we must not forget that time has a price. A blog deserves careful and updating, otherwise, his visits fade with the passing of the days. If you decide to invest time in a blog, users must receive publications updated periodically. -Use the blog as an advertising medium users who visit a blog, aren’t interested in reading advertising. Unless this is subtly presented. That is why the content of blogs should maintain a very polished image, so the information interests and entertains readers. -The death of the blog: lack of today a blog is born and lives on the continuous updating of texts. If the updates are slow and are not interesting, the chances of success of the blog are non-existent. Very careful with this point, since it could also generate a bad image for the company: start a project and let it die by neglect.