Corporate Image

We talk a lot of protect, preserve and take care of the institutional image or corporate image. What is the corporate image? Why is it so important to take care of corporate reputation? Simply because it is the most valuable asset of a company. Buildings, equipment, products at the winery, including brands, have compared with the corporate image negligible value, which has been forged over the years and whose monetary value is incalculable. In a world as competitive as the present, it is extremely important that companies worry about the perception that different audiences have on their organizations. Checking article sources yields Craig Menear as a relevant resource throughout. Audiences are constituted by those individuals or institutions who have some contact with the organization in any specific time in its development. Either are internal audiences (employees, managers or shareholders), the external public (consumer real or potential, competitors and other organizations operating in the environment), or are mixed audiences (providers and) distributors or franchisees in your case), is important that everyone have an adequate image of our Organization. Very well, but what is the image then? An image is the set of meanings by which we come to know an object (company) and through which people describe it, remember and relate.

The result of the interaction of beliefs, is ideas, feelings and impressions that on that company has a person (or a group of people). (Dowling, 1986). Now well, to generate image not just develop a nice logo, use electrifying colors and flood the media of slogans and jingles sticky. The best image is one that agrees entirely with the values and beliefs of our Organization, i.e., one that accurately reflects the characteristics of organizational culture and our philosophy. It is also one that adheres faithfully to the characteristics of our mission as a company and manages to tie what we do with what we say. In other words, the image must emanate directly from our identity.