Corporative Social Responsibility

The subjects Corporative Social Responsibility and Support, wide debated in all media, created, either for alarmismo or sensationalism, a specific focus in natural partner-ambient subjects/, as the necessity of protection to the mico golden lion, devastao in the Amaznia etc Of course that the above described problems, are subjects of basic importance, for what more than obvious reasons. However this playful approach, almost poetical, deviated, in very the focus for an absolutely crucial question: economic decisions. The History of the Humanity proves that all the catastrophes that if had abated on the planet, had been motivated direct or indirectly for economic questions. Nor the sonhador reader would believe that some country has been invaded for reestablishment of the democracy or social order. We also know that the epidemics of the Average Age, had occurred for total indifference of the public organisms for the health of the population. Coming back to our days, it is questioned because the subject support, in generality, receives as much emphasis in the natural questions and little care in the economic aspect? The probable reply: changes in economic systems, need sets of ten of years of integrated efforts and in general they are measured unpopular that the governments postpone to the maximum in taking them. U.S.A., for example, had transferred to part of its production to China, to keep the consumption standard American north (when a crisis already was avizinhava) through a cheaper production, with hand of workmanship badly remunerated, accusations of dumping and disrespect to the environment.

This was ' ' difcil' ' decision ahead of the pressure of the public opinion for a cleaner production. To transfer to another yard. They know the readers who in 1896, Swedish Chemistry Svant Arrhenius on account alerted that the temperature of the planet would go up, of the Co2 emission emitted for the automobiles and forest fires. This means that it has 114 years, a competent professional foresaw that the water levels would go up and for diverse questions or for focus lack, measures to contain the wild urbanization had not been taken. The English economist, Nicholas Stern, assessor of the ONU, that was in So Paulo in 2010, esteem that they will be necessary in 2020, up to 3% of the world-wide GIP to prevent a catastrophe.

In practical terms, if the reader is an employee who gains R$ 1,000, 00 would have that to save now, monthly R$ 30,00 (equivalent the 15 liters of monthly milk) aiming at to compensate in the distant future. Another excellent economic information: rains north-eastern in 1.o semester of 2010 took the federal government to transfer to R$ 614 million to attendance of victims and reconstruction. Between 2004 and 2010 2,7 billion had been consumed R$, in mounts of money, for reconstruction. No longer 2011 beginning, the scenes if had repeated in Rio De Janeiro. The vehicles damaged in the serrana region will cost, only for Insuring, something around R$ 7 million, raising the cost safe it for risk regions. Of course that these are the costs ' ' calculveis' ' however, for the cut with a scythe lives it would only be the sufficient for a radical change of position. Then we go to combine a thing, the question in the economic scope is serious and entrepreneurs, governments and consumers will have that to make the house lesson.