Debit Card

If you want to rent a car without having to pay in cash, something that you can do is to use your debit card. How? Through these nine tips that could help you avoid a frustrating holiday experience. 1) Calls and compare if your income options are flexible, find an agency of rent of cars with low number of restrictions. Call several companies since policies vary from one agency to another. Make comparisons between what you said an agent and what they said to you another in different companies. (2) Date time to decide if either payment with credit or debit card allows you to save the row of payment, keep in mind that your transaction is not something typical, so it comes with anticipation to the Agency, both the day you go to pick up the car as the day you go to surrender. (3) Keep your ready debit card make sure you have sufficient funds in your debit card to cover the full cost of the rent of the car. (4) Check the acceptance of your card not all agencies accept all debit cards, so ask if your bank cards are accepted.

(5) Pending the verification of funds many rental car companies run their customers credit checks. Keep in mind that credit controls will appear on your report. Having too much debt can have a negative effect on your credit score and harm your chances of getting a mortgage or other loans. If you have bad credit history, better find another means of transport. (6) Takes items needed some car rental firms require clients to not pay by credit card, in addition to ask for medical insurance vouchers and itinerary.

Don’t get caught without proper documentation. (7) Czech names coincide if you ever thought about using a friend or your parents credit card to rent a car, think twice. The names on the credit and debit cards, as well as in driver’s license, insurance credentials and other documents must match or not sell you the car. (8) Considers the size of the car you want to rent several agencies prohibit the rental of land for luxury, all cars or big cars if customers do not pay with credit cards. (9) It takes a credit card just in case some people are totally against accumulate debts with credit cards or simply do not have good credit. However, the reality is that the car rental system favors customers with debit cards. Finally, you must obey the rules of the Agency. With information: