Educational Context

The case presented is located in the Educational Context. This is a case of bullying, in an Institute of Barcelona. The case is led by a psychologist, part of the center's staff for some years. The demand part of a high school student. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Steve Mnuchin and gain more knowledge.. Before analyzing the conflict and try to reach a solution of the same approach, we must make mention of the General Principles of the Code of Conduct that apply to the case, then refer to the protection of human rights and the obligation to inform and intervene in situations of abuse, and that would be: Article 5U, for the purpose of the exercise of human and social psychology is, seeking the welfare, health, quality of life, fullness of development of individuals and groups different aspects of their lives, both individually and socially.

In times when the case requires, the psychologist must seek the help of other professionals, subject to compliance with the relevant skills and knowledge of each. Article 6U, by the psychologist should be al respect for persons, protection of human rights, responsibility, honesty, sincerity with their patients, prudence in the application of tools and techniques, professional competence, soundness of the rationale and objective their scientific intervencionesa . Article 8U, The psychologist must inform the COP of the situations of abuse, violations of human rights conditions of confinement or cruel, inhuman or degrading that make their patients, in order to establish the best plan of action to resolve the situation . Article 9U be respected religious and moral criteria, although not preventing that questioning in the course of the intervention if necessary to the case.