Effective Business Management

How long will companies continue to lose money? How long the levels of economic resources are always headaches? These and many other questions have remained unanswered, because of the uncertainty that pervades the future of business by the crisis in the market environment in which they conduct business, at which shareholders are now demanding that companies require their managers rational actions and practices consistent with the events of present and future preventive risk of illiquidity that may be incurred as running in the direction of the current without a change in the internal corporate governance would be almost impossible to remain competitive, if you do not have trained executives and proactive, identify with their job performance in meeting goals and objectives. Cash flow projections have become an alarm bell tool of great power to provide for the use of surplus and shortage of money, hence the development of cash flow is not a mere exercise of calculations number if not more of a strategic plan that includes descriptions of actions committed to specific goals, accountability of the actors, synergy in their departmental processes and measurable indicators for the benefit of achieving profitability, efficiency and security of investment. Among the elements factor affecting revenue generation could mention: The profit margin of product sales volume, inventory level, the level of demand, output, utilization of installed capacity, the level liquidity available to the company, economic conditions in the region or country and the level of perception of the manager to distinguish between expenditure and productive and unproductive investments, we have grounds for an entire action as a result of targets and proposals for shares each of the members of the organization’s operational processes and the costs and benefits are two sides of same coin with different pay. .