Electric Heater

Electric heaters in winter, unfortunately, comes at a time to forget about the warm weather. Create your own warm climate, we can help electric heaters, which convert electrical energy into heat, warming the air and closed our pomescheniya.Otkrytaya spiral metal coil is a generator of heat and has a very high temperature (140 degrees). Accordingly, the higher the temperature, the heated air in the room quickly. However, in a place where there is a heater of this type becomes oppressive due to the fact that oxygen consumption and decreases humidity. Therefore it is better to use this type of heater (with open coil) where it's needed fast heating. Heaters with a closed coil is preferable to use for a longer time and soft heating coil itself as separate from the surrounding environment. Typically, the heater power is calculated based on the number of watts per square meter room.

For example, in addition to central heating in winter or heating in spring and fall enough 0.5-1 kW. In winter in the area of 20 square meters. m from 1 to 2 kVt.Konvektory It closed with a spiral heaters, air currents that pass through the inner surface. Air is heated and exits or at an angle or vertically (depending on guide the design blinds). Without the participation of the fan, thus creating traffic and air heating. Convectors are available as wall or floor.

Plate-shaped wall are the model (thickness of up to 8 cm), and also have a large selection of sizes, from wide and thin, 130/15 cm, narrow and high to see 65/26 Moreover, the model can meet the desired power from 200 watts to 2.5-3 kW. Mobile, which can be easily moved around the house, this floor model. Differ in size and light weight, up to 5 kg. Comfort and energy savings that are achieved is important in the investigation thermostat control.