Esp Formation

This last one had its phase of implantation in the year of 1999, all the state schools of the Esp. Saint, deriving of the State of the Paran and sponsored by the Institute Airton Sena. 2.FUNDAMENTAO THEORETICIAN the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education n 5,692/71, rearranges the education of 1 and 2 effective degrees, but it presents in its strong bulge text concerning the professionalization, also directing for the creation of professionalizing courses technician, also esbarrando in the normal school, when it was defined as a qualification in the professional scope, therefore, it is created specific qualification for the teaching, demanded as minimum formation for the teaching of 1 to 4 series, such course of 2 degree, as specific qualification of three years of duration. The specific qualifications for the teaching did not leave of being white of critical, still in the period of validity of the Law n 5,692/71, mainly in moving the existing dichotomies in its practical, content and methodology, common nucleus and professionalizing part, at last, also arriving in the fact of very badly worked the supervised period of training and this more still lead to the discredit of the population. To the being edited in 1996, the current Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education n 9,394/96, finds a scene mounted concerning the formation of professors in Brazil, as much to the average level, as superior in special to the normal schools of average level, also being the majority kept by the public power. The persistence of the Brazilian government is perceived, in the direction to answer the new demands of the education, since years 90 and consequentemente it directed also the concern with the formation of professors, supported for the educational legislation, as well as for the public politics for the pertaining to school education in Brazil. Some contend that Primerica careers shows great expertise in this.