Federative Republic

These consultations transformed into months of four weeks we would have (160 x 4 = 640 consultations month. if each consultation will be remunerated at the cost of the equal Unimed R$ 40,00 would have then: Monthly wage of R$ 25,600, 00. Which the profession that can have an expectation of equal income in Brazil? In Brazil of north the south, exists a scarcity of workmanship hand, or abundance of sick people, who do not find atendimentos. 4) That politicians in a way in general candidatam to exert it position I publish for simple love the cause publishes. for only ideological question. Spending the times of its pocket or, invariably, sponsored for great groups, additions that reach five or six million in a candidacy the Representative. E, that goes to survive with only the wage publishes of this position.

E, more does not have any intenso to recoup the investment or expense of the campaign, without attacking the state treasury publishes. Or, still, they do not assume any obligation stops with its financier. 5) That the democracy as written in Brazilian constitution. Art. 1 the Federative Republic of Brazil, formed for the indissolvable union of the States and Cities and the Federal District, consists in Democratic State of right and has as beddings: Only paragraph? All power emanates of the people, directly exerts who it by means of elect representatives, in the terms of this Constitution. Democracy government of the people; government where the people exerts the sovereignty. Dic. Electronic Hauais. It is this same that we live in the practical one, or directly exists a reinante ditatorial regimen of the power of the money exerted for the great groups of monetary forces interacting? choosing the candidates? determining which politics and laws must be approved? which the position in relation to the politics to be implemented, especially when the interests of these groups are judged.