Food and Wine Tips

So, before eating, to whet – drink an aperitif. Wine glass White table wine – a snack, a light meat and fish dishes. Natural dry, semidry and sweet wines go well with vegetable dishes. Red table suited to lamb, veal, venison, poultry, shish kebab, pilaf, baked ham. Sherry or Madeira well serve as a meat or chicken broth. Liqueurs, dessert wines, sweet sparkling wine brand is recommended for dessert – pastry, fruit, coffee, ice cream. Champagne can be served and a light snack – cheese, fresh water dry liver. Champagne, dry and moist as you can drink in the beginning and during lunch, dinner and dessert.

For champagne, are served outside lunch or dinner, are encouraged to apply a variety of cheeses (Swiss, Soviet, Mountain Altai, Roquefort), as well as biscuits, cakes, pies, sweets, fruits, nuts, pistachios, roasted salted almonds. A glass of martini K spicy salads, meat snacks – cold veal, boiled tongue, cold cuts, ham – good shot of a strong (but not dessert) red or white vermouth. Despite some sweetness inherent in this drink, it peculiar odor, bitter taste, the smell of sagebrush, cinchona bark and cloves are well in tune with the taste of many snacks. For oysters, mussels, shrimp are best suited white wines are light mild taste and delicate aroma without sharp acidity, such as 'Semillon', or demi-sec champagne. These dishes may be offered the same semi-dry wine such as 'Chateau Ikem'. For the first dishes recommend sturdy grape wines – Madeira, port, sherry, Marsala, to soups and broths, purees – sherry and Madeira. A glass of white wine to the hot fish dishes – fish, steam, boiled in brine, with fish dishes, prepared with a thin, delicious sauces for fish quenelles and fried fish can be offer dry white grape wine. Especially recommended for these foods Rieslings. The latter include meat dishes – steak, fillet, splints, steak, scallops, a variety of natural and breaded cutlets, schnitzels, round steak, roast beef, mutton, pork, veal, foods made from liver, kidney, brain, recommend dry red grape wine.