Guerrilla Marketing

Help for start-ups and lone in the Rhine-Neckar triangle when big companies want to launch a new product in the market, a huge marketing machine used. A team of professionals and support staff professional positions the new product on the market. A small company can’t keep up, because the financial resources are not sufficient. “They found themselves with a newspaper ad or a Web presence and believes: now know everyone that there is”. Unfortunately, fit but conventional marketing not to smaller companies. It is simply too expensive and virtually useless in times of advertising sensory overload. “It must make itself felt when the target market as elephant” is considered successful big companies by the pure power of media to rolling on the animal.

A small company must come up with something else. For example with a needle to Pierce, notes that even the elephant. Guerrilla marketing is the solution guerrilla marketing focuses on mind and less on money. This involves the operation, deliberate, promotional measures, the Product and the market are matched. All means are used, which cause no or little cost. There are some! Experience here is important, it is important to charge the founder not with cost due to scarce resources. Yet this must have found his customers within nine months, since the ARGE promotion will be.

The same applies to lone trying it alone and quickly realize that can’t live without marketing. This applies equally for the small companies that came out in good times without marketing. Saedi is accredited KfW coach and has built up the nationwide IT-service-net. The company operates this network founder successfully for almost ten years. Since the rules of marketing are always similar, the company of course not in the IT industry is bound and advises also the founder from all areas. The team Saedi marketing works with experienced marketing professionals. Consequently the possibilities of graphic design, logo, text, sales support, will be Public relations, new media, so everything what belongs to the marketing. The Saedi team developed media and marketing plans and helps actively in its implementation. US/SCM