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Advent sweepstakes: The saarVV letter rally is the new saarVV campaign in Saarbrucken at the start on December 8, 2009. “After the Sonderwerbeform veiled Citylight posters” premiere has successfully celebrated in the summer, the Saarland Verkehrsverbund staged the continuation with Christmas motifs and an accompanying letter rally with competition now. Of the 210 classic Citylight posters that decorate the glazed advertising showcases in Central Saarbrucken until 21 December, five selected poster stand with huge shopping bags printed PVC tarp are veiled. The key message that you get easily anywhere in the saarVV carried eye-catching and spectacular. “” The passengers are mobile and easily come to the Christmas shopping with buses and trains”, convenient to the Christmas market”and conveniently at the Christmas party”. And because Christmas is soon, the saarVV has this original form of advertising giant shopping bags”just with the saarVV letter rally and an attractive Profit opportunity links. The rally will be from RADIO SALu through promotion and online Prize game fulfillment support, the Saturn market Saarbrucken provides kindly winning a TV worth 1,500 euros. Read additional details here: Peter Schneider Primerica.

Spot in Central Saarbrucken saarVV promoter from 8 until 20 December on the road that are in addition to saarVV shopping bags distribute brochures to the letters rally at passers-by and inform about the sweepstakes. The task of the participants consists of the five letters, which are hidden on the giant shopping bags, properly put together the solution Word. Participation in the competition is possible until December 21, 2009, at. The saarVV wishes good luck to the letters-rally, a good trip to the Christmas shopping and a Merry Christmas.