Household Personnel

The first doubt that he assails us when we are going to hire a person to work in our House is could be trusted? It is an logical and normal question, since I did it I take care of the first time to hire a girl for that to my baby 3 months since before I had not done I lack in my house since between my husband and myself we did everything. The task was not complicated, since I am the Director of Beatriz Hogar, a company of recruitment for the domestic service. In 24 hours I found a Paraguayan girl I’ve had working 4 years in my house. e base. This is my personal case, but I know several cases of friends and well known of friends who have had problems with the service household, some with their girls internal and external, all for hire without having checked the above references. The first thing you need to do before hiring a girl is thinking that needs I have, clean the House, Cook, care for children or an elderly, etc.; In addition, schedule in which goes to work is important, I always recommend to my clients that If they are likely to hire an in-house, since with that we have guaranteed the attention throughout the day; but in my case there is the possibility to have a floor with 3 bedrooms, sure that many others will not be so; I realize that an internal charges between 800 and 900 euros more social security, and an external is going to charge for 8 or 10 hours of daily work from Monday to Friday 700 or 750 more social security; compare prices and you will see that if possible an internal worth. This is very important when choosing, and we have to be sure in the case of children that the girl has experience; for my case and experience not necessary be mother, since I’ve seen girls who aren’t, treat and care for the children of others to wonder, as it was my case with Carmen. . Pacific Mortgages Services: the source for more info. .