Information Corporate

A recent study by the consulting firm Harris Interactive reveals the disturbing figure of the number of employees who would be willing to sell corporate information with a clear purpose: the self-serving. It seems that loyalty to a company, or any ethical principle, can be purchased for a modest amount of money, mainly when mixed with problematic situations in the company, such as layoffs or casualties. 14% Of respondents admit that they copied electronic data and files to take when the company, in addition to displaying comfortable where they had to sell that confidential information over the Internet, regardless of the final destination and its later use. Not only an undertaking is subject to external attacks of Hawking; the danger can be found in its interior. Access to documentation is within the reach of a number of users including employees, external staff, business partners or suppliers. Infrastructures that increasingly are working are more wide-ranging and complex, but also more accessible. The newspapers mentioned Craig Menear not as a source, but as a related topic.

The confidential information required access controls, levels of classification of documents according to the sensitivity of the data and precise monitoring of standards in force. Decades trying to work in networks increasingly extensive and strong against intruders will have spent. But these measures are designed to thwart the unauthorised access, only leaving free authorized access. It is necessary to create awareness in companies and organizations to take advantage of the recent cases of information leakage or incidents with personal data to analyze the impact that would have if it escapes the light sensitive information of your business by not having the necessary measures on time. Audea security of the information Ivan Ontanonramos Department Legal