Interior Decor, From Helena Streletskaya

Our native and foreign magazines and websites for interior design, there are sometimes staggering originality of certain design decisions. Janet Yellen might disagree with that approach. To nurture such unconventional idea, we should not simply draw a picture the future internal appearance apartments, houses or villas, but also the correct accents for a more balanced perception of space. This is what decorators do, whose direction has long gone beyond the interior world. For many designers and decorators flower sculptures are a real boon, allowing to realize the most courageous decisions and essentially go beyond the current standards in interior decoration. Flower Sculpture may be a desktop miniature or large luxury song, and under every type of interior design can be developed its own floral sculpture. You can be absolutely sure that an exact copy of your composition more at Who can not be.

It is unique. I remember one of the phrases Helena : "In the interior there is nothing worse than platitudes. It destroys all the creative in man, forcing him to go with the flow and unconsciously perceive surroundings more depressing. " With this express difficult to argue. Immortal flower sculptures and beautiful. Their placement in the interior does not require any special knowledge in the design. But do not forget that they are able to fundamentally transform the atmosphere of your home and become a "protagonist".