Latin American Costs

Very conservative figures, because for various reasons are not reported much of the accident and its consequences. However, deaths identified, 83% were male, the remaining women, as I state in other research. However, the total fatalities in the year 2007, 68% were with the participation of motorcycles, the latter element that we have dedicated a special reflection together with pedestrians in our work entitled a Usuarios Fragile Tract. At the present time, are promoted initiatives from international bodies to ensure that the difficulties in the circulation can be quantified. High levels of global political power accompanied by influential sectors of society to motivate prevention factors are taken into account to improve road safety, which is the same, to reduce the risk of fatalities. The implementation of proactive measures, especially on the human factor or road users, the pathways themselves and passing vehicles, cost with high rate of return, not from intrinsic concept that life is priceless .

International organizations, as said, have focused on calculating the costs of claims based on income levels a "1 to 1.5% in middle-and lower-income respectively. For our Latin American countries are estimated around U.S. $ 70,000 million annually dedicated to injury in traffic accidents, without calculating the calamities of the affected families as a social cost and other expenses to consider. Many nations have to find methods of calculating the annual costs of victims in small, less than minor, serious and died, because they maintain a reliable record of data. But even more, get to know the cost by type of accident on the road. .