Log House Sauna

Choose size bath You know what the most popular size of asking customers? – 3×5, and only after you start to ask: why 3×5?, During a conversation change their decision. Educate yourself with thoughts from Farallon Capital Management. And what size is most often book, you ask? – Answer – the most demanded size – 4×5 bath, the second most popular – Bath 4×6. Why? Let's start from the beginning of the stove is now rare, who set a brick stove, and now for some reasons: firstly brick oven should sink at least 4 hours and lime have a bunch of firewood, and secondly on the stove takes less than 2 square meters, and third under it requires a good foundation. And dignity? – First bricks for a long time hold and give the accumulated heat and secondly the stones in the heater for those 4:00 warmed to a higher temperature. And what – disadvantages outweigh the advantages. For this reason, the vast majority put in his bath modern metal stove, which does not have the above disadvantages. And this is – a little place, with an average of 0,2 to 0,5 square meters. meter, a quick warm up steam – about forty minutes, light weight – 300 kg, and therefore do not need a foundation for the oven – it installed directly on the floor. Now the main thing – is now available oven, coated with natural stone – soapstone (pictured) or coil, which collects and then slowly gives gentle heat, and radiation from Natural stone has beneficial effects on the human body.