Manpower Company Navigator

During the crisis in the country's economy the most efficient companies that can quickly change the basic, conventional methods of work, finding new solutions to the situation. Up to reformat the business development new directions or to strengthen the work of existing, previously less important projects. It is therefore important to predict what will happen in time relevant in the coming months and years to build and work under the new trends. Accordingly, to optimize the performance of existing staff and managers to find talent for the development of new directions. Managers understand that a company must be flexible to respond to market changes quickly. Staff can no longer operate the old fashioned way, so part of it will be reduced. But experts have not yet left the key to successful operation of the company in a changing environment. Looking for highly skilled workers will be new for new projects and tasks as they arise.

Get once these professionals is expensive and impractical. Resources of each employee to be the best use of the company, but with a change in the market will close the old and new projects that will lead to some congestion and a lack of other professionals. In such cases, come to the aid of the reserve, which can be created from its potential, able to change and efficient staff (remember that you will need to pay them wages during their small load), or use an external HR department – HR services company. Company "Navigator" for several years of subscription services companies, creating for each customer's database of him right now or in the future specialists. Companies thus reduce the cost of content management staff recruitment, quickly change a key member of the past, are qualified under the new project without spending time searching. Free and the industry's first customers company "Navigator" learn about the appearance of the labor market and the right candidates can get them immediately, or arrange for a job at the time of launch. The risks are minimal for the companies: the service is "Talent Pool" paid in the event of receiving a candidate for the job. Enterprises, in time taking care of the reserve the right people have as a result of competitive advantages in speed of reaction to change and can not confidently plan Only steps to survival but also for the further growth of the business. Details: For information: Manpower Company Navigator () has been operating since 1999 and provides companies the following services: staffing, business training, staff development reserve, salary surveys, peretrudoustroystvo laid-off employees.