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New blog launches GmbH Kroschke sign-international occupational safety and health topics Brunswick, October 21, 2010 – occupational safety and labelling established under a blog on the subject. In the blog, reports on current developments in occupational safety and health, there are checklists and recommendations provided. An often complicated and time-intensive required task for companies is to make information how to use the application of occupational safety and health, occupational safety and health standards. Small or medium-sized company but often lack resources, to work alone in the complexity of occupational safety. Such companies get legal and follow occupational safety and health regulations for their operational requirements quickly and easily to implement important guidance in the blog.

Readers can subscribe to the RSS feed, so that they are automatically informed about new messages from the blog. Dialogue desired is the blog with readers not only many information about occupational safety and health to deploy, but should evolve as a communication platform. Technical questions on the application of standards will be answered promptly by the editors, but also more hints or tips are appreciated. Subscribers can use the RSS feeds to track current responses and comments. We hope that the Kroschke blog is promoting direct contact with readers. In a question-answer forum Technology author was the first to reply.

“For one to quickly with issues such as the application of occupational safety and health products help to give and on the other hand we want to represent more transparent legal and BG regulations”, explains Michael Essner, Marketing Director of the Kroschke sign international GmbH. The new blog can be called directly under. Interested readers can subscribe to the RSS feed or as a follower at sign kroschke. Partners for health and safety and labelling Kroschke sign international GmbH is a specialist for occupational safety and labelling. Since its founding in 1957 Kroschke has become the full-range supplier and shopper in terms of work safety. Through the continuous development of the ranges marking, operational and personal security Kroschke offers all relevant brands. Customers can choose the appropriate product manufacturer-neutral. In addition, the company is one of the largest and most modern screen printing in Europe, where every year about 20 million signs and decals produced. With the guiding principle of individual solutions for individual applications”Kroschke provides a complete customer-oriented consulting, support and supply. With the result that over 100,000 customers regularly GmbH order their work safety facilities at Kroschke sign-international.