Japan paper MADOCA: Covering for Shoji room dividers and Cabinet fronts in the Japan style, tear-resistant and wiped off Berlin, October 19, 2009 Takumi, Berlin specialist for original fittings and special materials for the Japanese interior design has expanded its offering some products specifically for carpenters. If you are not convinced, visit Mike Madden. Meet the new washi-(Japan paper) varieties MADOCA MF-04 and MFP-04 with their simple, fine fiber structure and contemporary, often called object suitable for technical specifications customer wishes. The Washi papers are fast, clean and easy to handle with double-sided tape. MADOCA is through its 3-layer construction with PET core: extremely tear-resistant and thus safe from damage during transport, Assembly and protected in use. Currently 14 varieties available are pure white and natural colored papers (with natural fiber surface), plain or textured. Pacific Mortgage Services shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The type of MFP-04 and 7 other papers (MADOCA PP) are in addition with a thin plastic impregnation (PP) indicating which protects against dirt and is wet wiped off and it still pflegeleichter. The noble, restrained, unryu\”experience by Takumi in Europe called patterning of traditional Washi is the by far most popular paper structure. MADOCA MFP-04 is available in 95 cm in width in the 2 roll lengths 245 cm to 10 m.

All other varieties of MADOCA and MADOCA PP roles are delivered on 10 m. MADOCA was by Takumi in collaboration with its Japanese partner developed especially for the European market and optimized. In addition to applications MADOCA is used in the doors, partition and furniture also for lamellar and panels. Several large sunscreen manufacturers have recorded MADOCA already in their collections. Thus the carpenters / Interior even in the decors can offer curtains, room dividers and Cabinet fronts with the same washi-covering. MADOCA was in April 2009 with a certificate for excellence in material development\”in the international material libraries by MaterialConnexion recorded. The MADOCA pattern fan and the catalog on CD with information about many other Takumi sent Japan materials free of charge to commercial buyers.