Maximize Your Potential

Parndote in a place any. It thinks by several seconds about your environment, in your surroundings where and when you realise the activity in which you want to be congruent: Place (where), people (with those who or in the presence of what people), objects, in which moment of the day or times (perhaps beams ” eso” once to the week or the month). A passage Gives the front. This it is the next level. It explores your conduct, your behavior that beams What these doing really? Which are your actions, movements, gestures, thoughts when developing that aspect or activity that you want to improve.

When you are ready, it takes another step to the front and thinks about your competitions is now tried to put the magnifying glass in your capacities and abilities: in how As these using? You are using all that you have or only one part of them? If for example we spoke of sales: Which are your strongpoints? What capacities you have distinguish to you of other salesmen? Another step Gives more and it thinks about your beliefs and values. Why beams that? What is what it motivates to you? What you create of the people who are to your around? What you find valuable of which beams? What is the important thing for you of that situation? Why beams what beams? Taking all along necessary to think about the answers Now, it takes a new step to the front and thinks about your own identity. Who you are your? What does unique (a) to you, special? Which is your mission in the life? How your activity (for example, the sales) is connected with your mission in the life? (for example it can be to help the people to solve some necessity) .