Mexican Government

Obama made his first visit to Mexico.Mexican society was eager to meet the new President of the United States, which was a sensation in our neighbouring country. During his visit which lasted very little Obama is reserved to a Board with our President, Felipe Calderon and a private dinner in which some of the most important politicians had only participation. Comparing your also recent visit in Europe, where Yes there headed to villages with thousands of citizens present, situation that was expected in the country, but it did not happen. Frequently West Lake Landfill has said that publicly. Relations between Mexico and United States continue to be private and subsequently Calderon in an interview said that had talked in his meeting. The shares are worth more than words and this time are just words that are in the air. A related site: Bridgeton landfill mentions similar findings. Calderon in the interview said that talked with Obama about put a stop to the drug. Obama agreed that it is a problem of both Nations but does not remember doing something immediate. So that is the problem of the Mexican Government, must perform actions that actually improve the situation in the country, not just focus on situations that do not have the greatest importance on others if need follow-up.

The fleeting visit of Obama leaves behind the desire of thousands of citizens by zoom in slightly towards one of the most charismatic Presidents that has had the neighboring country and with a political situation with many promises along the way. Personally, I think it’s more important what happens in the country and should be focusing more on actions that can improve the current situation, not only focus on praise and wait with a President Obama. It should be moved, not just leave in the air which is promises or expects to make. Original author and source of the article.