Morihei Ueshiba

If Aikido were like Karate there would have been no need to invent it. why complicate your life? If it is clear, begin to emerge already good questions, for example, What is a better deal? But the question no one person will respond better to him. For this need to clearly articulate to yourself what you want to achieve and then have to think as to whether your needs this or that school? Naturally, the exact match with their inquiries you hardly find somewhere, but the basis for further development in their view you are quite able to get by making at least a rough choice, based on your same requirements. Here we can not rely on the opinions of others, no one better than you do not know what you want. But return to the main topic – effectively whether aikido in a combat situation? Aikido, as a technical system includes the equipment of several styles of jujitsu, going back more than 800 years ago. These techniques honed over centuries of samurai in battle, but not in the halls, so that the mere fact that they survived to this day, is a direct and conclusive evidence of their effectiveness.

But the performance in any situation? No war is conducted in close combat, all samurai were armed with swords, bows, knives and spears. Unarmed combat techniques studied and used only in cases where the soldier lost or for any other reason not able to use weapons. Therefore, major attacks in aikido are the chop top, side, butting, grappling, blocking the arm with the weapon. Of course, that almost all technology simply passed on to the modern way – hit the bat or bottle arms – taking away the phone, wallet or purse, tychek knife has not undergone significant changes. Much worse is the case with the punches, but even then you can try, although not without problems. Technical basis of Aikido sufficient for protection in common household terms – ranging from simple pickpockets, ending the robbers.

And, for example, to conduct a full-fledged racing battle with masters of the shock of combat systems, one of Aikido will be small, but the possession of its technical and fundamental basis does not hurt. Even more difficult is the fact that most Instructors justifiably make a great emphasis on moral and idealistic aspects of Aikido, unfortunately, at the expense of technical efficiency. Aikido is a big plus is that its technology base can effectively seize people without serious physical data. So if you’re not going participate in fights without the rules or run up to the martial arts masters to the banal self-defense aikido would be sufficient. Why is it despite all the difficulties associated with the use of technical base of aikido, it is still has become so popular? Should not be taken aikido as a set of techniques, though, even to study them in their original form is a part of the culture warriors of ancient Japan, to touch, and even more so, to become part of it, developing and improving this area, has an opportunity everyone does. In the philosophical aspects of aikido and its founder Morihei Ueshiba laid many of the principles of harmonious interaction between people as in battle, and in everyday life. He clearly presented to future generations ethos of a warrior, not as a man wins the enemy, but as a human, transcends and improves itself. The practice of Aikido gives unlimited opportunities to develop and improve individual, both physical and technical point of view, morally, culturally, creatively.