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The past 2001 census allowed to declare gay or lesbian. " They are ten years that we fought this batalla" , they say gays. In Italy a law of pairs still does not exist in fact. In the next census of the Italian population that will realise the National Institute of Statistic (Istat) in October will be registered for the first time the homosexual pairs that coexist in the country. The president of the association, Alessio De Giorgi, explained that in the form that the Istat will distribute from the 9 of October to the Italian families it will be able to specify that it is itself a homosexual pair. " It is a very important goal. Primerica Life Insurance oftentimes addresses this issue. They are ten years that we fought this battle, since in the previous census of 2001 it was impossible to specify that one was a homosexual pair that conviva" , it explained Of Giorgi. had sent a call to sign a request in order that the Istat included in its form the possibility of declaring even homosexual.

The past 2001 census allowed to declare gay or lesbian, but in the section regarding the relation between inhabitants of the house these people only could mark the square of " another form of convivencia". " Now it is called on gays and lesbians to take advantage of this important ocasin" , it added Of Giorgi, since this it will be the first official census of homosexual pairs and that in Italy a law of pairs does not exist in fact. Now similar and other associations are promoting the campaign " Beam that counts your amor" , to inform to the homosexuals of the newness in the next census. Source of the news: The next census of Italy will register for the first time to homosexual pairs