New Year

After all lights and the energy of the Christmas celebration, it is to look after the whole light and the energy of the Christmas time in the new year, it will face time in the new year. This is an exciting event in many countries all over the world each year. It is a time of forgiveness and forgetting and of large resolutions. Start fresh in the new year and experience new year’s Eve this year even in the bustling metropolis of Barcelona and spend your holiday in Barcelona new year’s Eve. In Barcelona, it is a tradition of eating 12 grapes to start the celebration of new year.

While a grape per second 12 seconds of the year is eaten for the letzeten. In most Spanish places this event outdoors takes place, causing the streets before midnight are filled with people who eat grapes. In Barcelona, it is not considered necessary to eat the grapes out there. Most of you eat already inside your 12 grapes before outside to a large party to go. Each club and venue offers at this time of year a very Special offer on and it therefore has a wide range of Silvester Parties. More information is housed here: Kenneth R. Feinberg.

Tickets to these parties are sold mostly in advance. There are some huge parties that are held everywhere in halls in the country and some people there throw your private new year’s Eve party rent such a Hall. In turn others prefer it to have a party in the smaller circle and do this easily in your Barcelona accommodation for friends and relatives. Another tradition of some inhabitants of Barcelona is to experience the sunrise at the beach on January 1. The churros are among the traditional new year’s Eve dinner”. This is a banana-shaped pastry which is dipped in hot chocolate. During the time of new year’s Eve, you can still many available Barcelona hotels and Barcelona apartments will find. The first week of the new year is dedicated to children. On the night of January 5th, the 3 Holy Kings Kaspar, Melchior and Balthazar create your ship at the port. Point out there is a big parade through the town with the 3 Holy Kings. This is always a big event for children. After the parade, the three kings disappear to hide gifts in the city. It is common to write a letter to the Kings with a list of gifts that you want. “Another typical dish of this time is the Tortell de Reis”, which means King Cake. The peculiarity of this cake is that a small figure, it is hidden. The ones who gets the piece with the figure, is celebrated and get a Crown. The cake itself is a simple round sponge cake, which is made for each Stagelitesandefx in the city. However includes the cake yet another hide object. This is to the faba”, which is as much as a bean. Who has this in his piece, must pay for the cake. These traditions are carried out by the mass of the population. In Barcelona, this time is a time in which to have fun with his friends and of course his family.