Exactly, with the studies of masters that generally include two years of dedication, the professional, it acquires a new critical attitude on our historical process, makes a revision of its values and objectives, as well as the knowledge acquisition that can reconstruct to our ill societies; that is to say, there is a new taking of brings back to consciousness of its historical situation, of its social and cultural commitment; it knows what wants and therefore its advantage, participation will be effective. By all means, all this originates a very significant responsibility for all the organisms it jeopardize with these studies, like is the one to look for the most conducive ways, than it provides an education of excellence and adapted the professionals who the Venezuela of the present demand before a Bolivariana revolution that has begun with Socialist ideology, that has generated new changes that must suitably be handled. The Areas of postgraduate must be planned, taking into account the needs that the different sectors from the country require, as well as their aspirations and desires of collaboration, of a true integration that benefits the development from the Country; all improvisation must be avoided to which it is had to us customary and that has harmed to us significantly, we cannot follow the condemned the disrepute and the disappearance of the support that some sectors want to offer the University. One is due to name to the people in charge of its operation by its academic endorsement, creativity, management, not by political friendships, commitments, aspects that are very common to find in the national universities. All masters that is dictated by an Area of Postgraduate, must count between its most turned, academic coordinators, civil servants, university professors, investigators, those that they have been experienced actually and they have caught, perceived the needs that the country confronts; thus, as the Areas of Postgraduate must be updated in their pensum of studies, defined profiles good in pro of the professionals to become qualified according to the needs, requirements of the surroundings, selection adapted of the specialties to distribute themselves, to count on good finances, systems suitable office staff, programs of well-being, up-to-date means of computer science, tools audio-visual modern, educational described and mainly, it jeopardize in realising investigations of field, publications of the reached profits that favor to the region, community. The named authorities in order to direct the masters, the Area of postgraduate. they must render to him more attention, to consolidate them with programs that really favor the participants, to the country, not to see them from the business point, commercialization, affecting its academicism, responsibility, commitment to provide all the tools, necessary knowledge that they guarantee results, benefits of professional growth and solutions for the serious problems that at the moment it confronts the country. Original author and source of the article.