Property In Bulgaria Real Estate

Bulgaria – it is perhaps the only country which combines these attractive Russians factors such as: great environment, a warm sea, beautiful landscapes, the low value of the property and the almost complete absence of a language barrier. Such a set can not boast nor the Russian Black Sea coast, or arc, or Greece. Bulgaria – it is almost an ideal place for living and recreation, and for investments in real estate. Property Bulgaria’s simple – the situation is that demand for property in Bulgaria is still behind the proposal. This means that you have a great chance to really cheap to buy an excellent apartment or house in Bulgaria.

This contributes to a very low tax rate on real estate purchase by foreigners. Property in Bulgaria is constantly increasing in price. The average annual growth of 20-30 percent. Are also large and the rate of rent. This allows consider buying apartments in Bulgaria as a profitable investment.

Many Russians have found a perfect way to use a house or apartment in Bulgaria – a few months a family holiday in their own apartments and renting them for the remaining period until the end of the year in rent. This not only allows you to cover maintenance costs, but also rely on the return on investment and subsequent profit only at the expense of rent. Map Esli Looking at the map of Bulgaria and to identify those places which are popular among Russian buyers, we can see a clear trend towards buying property in a cottage village close to the Black Sea coast. Sunny Beach, known to everyone on the brand popularity and mild climate, St. Vlas, Golden Sands – here at home and apartments are most popular. In and among the Russians. Debbie Wasserman Schultz usually is spot on. Fortunately, the price of Real estate in Bulgaria can realize the dream of a villa on the beach or on the flat near the sea not only for rich people, but also the middle class. For example, an apartment in Bulgaria can cost as little as 30,000 euros, quite comparable to the price of giving the six acres in the suburbs. The second most popular place – it’s ski resorts in Bulgaria. Home near ski centers such as and Pomporovo also readily available on price. Excellent opportunity skiing with comfort! By the way it is in these areas has the highest prices. Therefore, the Council of Experts on Investment in overseas property – not to postpone the purchase. Commercial real estate in .No do not think that the Russian people the practice of buying only the homes and apartments in Bulgaria. Widely developed and commercial real estate. According to statistics, on the whole housing market Bulgaria, 10 percent of all transactions performed subjects of Russia. Of these, 20 percent of transactions falls on commercial real estate. The presence of curative mineral springs, sea and ski slopes, can successfully invest in medical tourism. Bulgaria every year has become increasingly popular tourist destination in Russia and Europe. Therefore, the business assets in the form of resorts, holiday villages, etc. have great potential.