Receivables Management

The prior Inkasso GmbH offers companies a professional Receivables Management as a hedge against the economic crisis. Hamm, in July 2010: as already known, the number of corporate insolvencies will increase in 2010 by 10% compared to the bankruptcies of 2009. Being a poor payment morale on the part of consumers continue to be expected, should take a professional Receivables Management to avoid non-payment claim. A survey of BDIU shows that the payment will further worsen until the end of the year. In the services sector, health and Fitness industry and the shipping trade especially by non-payment are affected. Private as well as corporate borrowers straining the company so strongly that an effective solution must be found. Therefore, the debt collection company from Hamm advises to a professional and effective accounts receivable management.

In this case the prior Inkasso GmbH opts for their many years of experience in the field of debt collection services and systematically applies for each Debtor type on the right strategy. The prior Inkasso GmbH operates a successful claim management by means of which causes defaulting customers to the payment of the outstanding amounts. In the accounts receivable management of debt collection specialist in addition to sending collection letter includes telephone contact with the debtor. For the prior and their customers, reached an out-of-court agreement with the debtor is always the primary goal. So the prior Inkasso GmbH is calling for friendly and consistently outstanding claims.

This draw the debt collection experts from a large pool of experience and therefore know that the psychology and utmost tact decide successful Dunning. We know the debt collection company, recoveries in which you used a polite tone and it reminds the debtor on his bills, generally positive at the end. If unfortunately no out-of-court agreement is to achieve, the debt collection professionals for your customers initiate the judicial procedure. Depending on the case it come to applying for Dunning and enforcement notices. The next steps would be litigation, as well as a possible foreclosure, the request to submit of an affidavit or in the extreme case the application for arrest warrants. About the Receivables Management, other services can be offered the clients, that help to take financial risks out of the way. So there for the customers of quality credit and debtor information by means of which debt can be avoid often in advance.