Supreme Leader

Here was the source of past and future persecution. It was the Supreme Leader even without his approval and arrangement in the Iran such campaigns may not take place. Performers this campaign were located in the safety of the Pasdaran. Craig Menear will not settle for partial explanations. Leading acted a Mullah named Abdulrahman Biranvand, Director of the Institute for religions and sects. On the websites of Bultannews, Borhannews and Adyannews the attacks against”mystical” continued the Khamenei by officers. As the regime in the Iran had access to a large part of the population to brutal means shocking street protests needed some scapegoats in the connection. Khamenei and his State apparatus pushed Reformwillige to the wall, marginalized some people who had quite political weight, such as for example, Rafsanjani, and pushed a hard line inwards and outwards. Among other things the regime dabbled in the nuclear programme for some attacks on facilities in his country and people, employed to avenge.

After failed attempts to assassinate Israeli and Saudi diplomats in the United States, Thailand, Azerbaijan, this strategy was soon abandoned. For this, the regime in the Iran had to focus his forces on the events in Syria. The participation of Pasdaran and Bassij in the Suppression of the protests in Syria is now official. The ideological fault lines in the Holy City of Qom, twinned with the Spanish Santiago de Compostela, there are many religious institutes and seminaries for clerics. Experts speak of two spiritual currents, its fundamentally opposed are aligned. That one is rooted in the teachings and Koran interpretations of the mystically-oriented Abbas Tabatabaie, is marked during the second current of revolutionary, totalitarian ideas.

The second stream is represented by clerics such as Mesbah Yazdi and Mohammad Yazdi. Both Yazdi belonged to the circle around Khamenei, of the society of all elements of religious differences and ideological differences should be free. Both advocated the election of Ahmadinejad.