CMYK Colors

If you are using a text stretch from 0% to X% buy ugly blotches of color on the stochastic threshold of 5 – 8% .300 dpi minimum text height – 1.5 cm, the minimum number of colors -14% .600 dpiminimalnaya height of the text when printing raster – 7 mm minimum height text print out of the vector – 5mm; minimum amount of paint to 14% .6. Print hard-coded colors in printing under the strict prescribed colors means Pantone and corporate colors. When using these colors do you fillings. Color for solid fills in large format printing is selected from the fans pantones Solid to Process. After you select the colors you should use in your percentages CMYK-model specified in pantones fan, and the Printing does not print takes an made in home printers. Used in the printers dyes are specifically designed for the transfer of screen colors (model RGB) and significantly different from the standard solvent-based paints, coatings and printing made with gold or silver paint.

Perception of metallic shades are very subjective, so you should choose the color sample made without the use of metallic dyes, or Panton, who in your opinion, is the closest equivalent to the original sample. Typography requests tend to use only numbers and letters in the name of the carrier, folder names and names files. File names should be used extensions indicate the file type (. Tif). If you are using the media as CD-ROM, record only the pure matrix and do not dopisok. And finally – remember that

Corporate Gift

Corporate Gifts – Corporate Gifts kompaniiEzhednevniki image – the image of the company – is a system by which a company becomes easily recognizable. Diary logo – one link of the entire system, an indispensable tool that is present in their daily work, in business meetings and important negotiations. It contributes to greater confidence in partners and the company's reputation in the market, increases the effectiveness of advertising contacts. " Vadim Hronenko, some consumers believe that electronic products for planning now compete with diary, but, oddly enough, in this age of computer technology people do not give up paper media. Diaries, business organizers, logs, diaries, still in use. Besides the main purpose – the organization of working time – becomes part of daily corporate style and a good business gift. And this of course – while making their innovations into the business world country. Development of corporate culture by Ukrainian companies is becoming more common, and many firms are already trying to maintain its own corporate identity, as well as paying attention to the image of their company.

They understand how important and should be recognizable even, apparently, on this enhancement, as diary. I note that information stamped on daily, and attracts the attention raises interest others: partners, customers and competitors. The level of corporate culture in Ukrainian companies Rusanovich Daniel, "Bureaucracy", says: "At the moment, culture is the use of diaries is in its formative stages. Many companies have become diaries, but do not fully understand the importance of this business enhancement. First, diary – this is a very convenient means of organizing the working process, and secondly, it is an integral part of the company's image and its owner. I would put the diary on a par with a good car and watch, because it is diary is always with the owner, his first spread on the negotiating table.