I Was Robbed Of Childhood

Most recently, I was fortunate enough to visit one of the fashion shows of contemporary Ukrainian designers. Other leaders such as Federal Reserve Chair offer similar insights. On this occasion I was the first time, it was tempting and interesting. Start running, the tall models demonstrated the first two collections, leaving at everyone either positive, or not very impressed about what he saw. But here, again put out the light, have announced the next collection, and name of the designer, which is silent on me. AND came the first model. Hall clapped with delight and tenderness – a small charming establishment age 6, with children's fluffy hair and a pink bow in her hair, proudly paraded by an adult podium, squinting in the unaccustomed glare floodlights.

One after another the little ladies defiled in dresses, haute couture, someone still uncertain, some familiar and flirty, someone is very confused and searching eyes of my mother. In my head began to turn a lot of thoughts, one after another, they rolled like a wave, knocking me up and I tried to deal with their feelings. Yes, of course, a children's beauty – it is a very good way to get success. All children, without exception, beautiful and adorable, they inimitable by their originality, impress with their indifference to the stereotypes, admire the confidence in their uniqueness. It was joyful and interesting to watch the spectacle was taking place, but at the same time as a disturbing heart sank, because so early, these kids have learned that such child labor. No one, certainly does not make them work hard labor, no.

DSP Information

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