Common Entrepreneur Errors

Most common mistakes new entrepreneurs all those who we have started in the business by internet, sometime in have made these mistakes, the good thing is that to identify them, we can begin to work on them to get out of the circle that he keeps us away from the success we seek. Albert Einstein said insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results, commit yourself to troubleshoot these errors if these committing. Speaking candidly Steve Mnuchin told us the story. These unfocused 1: having no clear goals, you don’t know where you’re going, do not plan or you have a system. It is important that before launching you into a business, put in writing, do you want to achieve?, do you?, when?, how?, why?, by whom?. Do you want a car?, a House?, long?, 1 year, 6 months, Ponte precise targets, time in you want to achieve it and then comes the plan you need. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Primerica reviews on most websites.

2.* You waste your time: you start the day, checking your mail, then you walk into social networks, you return messages, you have interruptions, you do too many things at the same time, you have many pages open, at the end you passed the day and do not have done anything. Begins to be proactive and not reactive, creates a work plan, write down 5 things that need doing, destinales a time each, if you cannot reach to finish continued the next day with the last point you turned and returns to make your list, we are beings of rituals so if you begin to repeat an attitude, very soon will you custom. 3.* You paralyze: there is a paralysis by analysis, you have so much free information that you tides and you can not draw clear conclusions, decide by a mentor, someone who has achieved what you want and follow its steps. 4 Start in unreliable business: those businesses that offer you to make you a millionaire over night, doing virtually nothing, are not reliable, every business requires work, investment and time, create false expectations only you will take on the way to your success.

Accounting Company

A collective mind is always better to mind one person. Therefore, while our chief accountant will use the time to learn the information and we'll transfer the money to pay for that time, specialists accounting firm will already keep records of our company. Really this is scary? On the contrary, it's great. Danger number 3 – "It is unclear who will keep track of, and Maria Petrovna, I know." When we buy a product, for example, a refrigerator, what factors influence your decision? This is a brand product, quality of the product, its price or warranty. Do not we have it, who collected this fridge – Peter Smirnov or Vasya Ivanov. Of course not.

Let's look at accounting services as a commodity. If your records of time put into IFTS, if the accounting is not 'stocks', if there is no regulatory bodies to our claims if our contractors are satisfied with our accounting department, then does it matter who exactly is behind the all of these: Masha or accounting company? It does not matter. The main thing we are sure that everything is in order, because we are no longer interested in such issues as: what would happen if Masha sick, and if it will meet on vacation or even a maternity leave, and suddenly decides to leave for good? Illness, vacation or dismissal of staff accounting firm you are not worried, because the services are provided by the company and for the integrity of these services is responsible Also, the company, because it was with accounting firm contract, but not with the usual Maria Petrovna. What if we want to meet with the employee, we can always realize it, just riding up to the office of Accounting company. And one more important thing: if we suddenly spoil relations with Maria Petrovna is not easy to replace it by another accountant, and even wait for her quality of referrals. Accounting firm is much easier disentangle who will, I? "Basically, from bugs no one is immune. Who does not work, does not make mistakes. But we have something that does not help.

Whoever led the accounting by our company, whether the chief accountant or accounting company, responsibility in any case lies with the director, and ultimately reflected in the company's owner, since errors lead to losses. So you will need, if not completely eliminate risk, but at least try to minimize losses. Let's say the tax has reviewed and filed the company an additional amount to be paid, but also penalties and interest, and only then and as your chief accountant made a mistake in the calculations. Of course, we must claim damages from your accountant, but only under the Labor Code, because we are law-abiding. And if the amount of taxes, fines and penalties so far exceed the scope of the Labour Code or accountant suddenly quit? It turns out that all the losses borne by the manager.