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Today, virtually all the CIS countries are planning to move to IFRS – it's an inevitable process and a consequence of the gradual integration into the global economy. But not all regions of the former Soviet Union experts Financial and Economic Profile realize the importance of transition to IFRS and in a hurry to meet them. This, in particular, by the geography of the New Year campaign, held at the center of distance learning "Active". Was the most active Ukrainians – 80.6% of the total number of financiers and accountants who participated in the rally. This high figure suggests also that the prestige of the corporation in Ukraine has been steadily increases. Others including Peter Schiff , offer their opinions as well. If we analyze other regions and countries, then in second place – St. Petersburg, and if we add it to Moscow, Krasnodar and other cities (mostly the South of Russia), the Russians are gaining 11.1%. Activated Tajikistan – 4,6%, followed by Moldova and – 3.7%.

Analyzing the results of the action, we see clearly been a trend – more and more accountants and financiers rely on CIS Learning Center Corporation, "Active": about 30% of foreign students come to us for re-training is for new disciplines. In addition, the number of students who obtain a full course of study CAP, CIPA, ACCA DipIFR. For example, only 11.3% of Ukrainian protesters immediately expressed their desire to acquire a full course of CAP, 3,5% – a full CIPA. If we look at the numbers on specific subjects, more than 60% of students in Tajikistan, who took part in the action, willing to learn the program CIPA.

Range Investment

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