On the 11.05.08 finds the next seminar in the seminar series of the Berlin hit-CONSULT Unternehmensberatung to topic what is it? In the hotel industry, it is now usual to use a variety of interdependent systems, which tightly mesh. Spend too much time with reports and manual inputs your employees? Deliver the data you need your systems? Not optimally use your distribution options? -Then work your networked IT systems probably not optimal. In this seminar, you will learn how to make more efficient and more powerful your information technology, to achieve better results in terms of your business goals – without even IT experts to be. Who addressed the seminar? The seminar is aimed at general managers, directors, front Office Manager, IT Manager, operationally responsible and as well as all employees who are responsible for the organisation of work processes and the achievement of business goals. The seminar brings you added value if you connected your results Systems dissatisfied are your employees spend too much time with manual reports and you spend troubleshooting knowledge about your customers effective marketing measures implemented in your product philosophy of your IT insufficient supports your reports will provide (E.g. due to long waiting times at check-in) not the data, you need the transfer of data from one to the other system to elaborate is discontent with which IT is generally in the company and consider alternatives take it with: Upon completion of the seminar, you will have a better understanding of your processes and possible weaknesses are you able to recognize optimization potential and to realize you’ll be able to optimize your information systems from a business perspective, even if you have no technical knowledge of detail are you know, how you can protect your IT investments the seminar shows the causes of unsatisfactory based on numerous case examples, how IT results identify and realize potentials for optimization: to get meaningful reports, your sales potential exploit and make your processes more efficient – and the bottom line increase sales and earnings. Robotics is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Some of the contents: process analysis: where is your problem? Application analysis: How to code live? How useful is your segmentation? Analyze and standardize configurations. See Primerica login for more details and insights.

Matching processes product philosophy: the reality of your IT support your product vision? Purifying cure for IT: which processes are supported yet, no longer needed? Four steps to optimize your technology more seminar dates: 08.06.09 IT projects successfully implement compact seminar hotel software 24.08.09 and electronic sales 21.09.09 optimizing information technology in the hotel 05.10.09 IT projects successfully implement compact seminar hotel software 02.11.09 and electronic sales ondecember optimizing information technology in the hotel about hit-CONSULT advises the Berlin hotel management consultancy hit-CONSULT GmbH for nearly 10 years company of hotels and tourism in all matters of information technology. hit-CONSULT supports the well-known international hotel groups, cooperation as well as tourism service providers in the selection and introduction of new IT systems, as well as the optimization of the existing IT landscape. The customers TUI include romance, hotels & resorts, Marriott hotels. About Anton hell Anton Hell, Managing Director of hit-CONSULT GmbH. The hotel management expert has more than 20 years of experience in the hotel industry. As a specialist in IT in hotels and tourism, he advises renowned hotel groups and collaborations, but the IT. Anton Hell worked among other things also single hotels to all questions in various management positions for Marriott, penta and Cunard lines