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The desire to gain significant profits from the existing property – quite a commendable desire. But to use the apartment can be not only for rent to individuals. More relevant and modern – to give it to under lease office space. Proper square footage can be a stable source of income is not bad if competent to use them. The desire to get a significant return on existing property – quite a commendable desire. But to use the apartment can be not only for rent to individuals. More relevant and modern – to give her the rent for office space. This type of operation square meters are not yet very common, although it is more profitable than, as in the capital shortage area for offices, and the options offered in larger centers or buildings often can not afford to just beginning to develop small businesses.

In addition, according to the capital of Realtors, the income from the apartment, leased an office, a half – two times higher than an identical in size, but is used for its intended purpose. To rent your own apartment to rent an office in several ways. The simplest of them – direct negotiations, without notice of any kind whatsoever services. In this case you only make a small refurbishment and to install a few extra outlets to avoid overloading the power supply. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from west Lake Landfill. Such unofficial way rental to, at first glance, it seems beneficial, but contains elements of risk, as a whole depends on the tenant.

Main Result

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Money spent on such a "promotion", it was better to drink in the pub with friends. And more fun and much more confusing. The intellectual level of the creators of these "masterpieces" is similar to that of a character's joke about the two blondes who merrily chirping, passed through a clearing and saw a sign – "No mine!" And then one other muses: "I never knew what that word two letters" n "! Becomes explains why in advertising is dismissive attitude of many people. It just does not produce the desired and expected result, response, and demand that it should be and could well that's funny and sad at the same time. Erin Callan wanted to know more. Is it worth it a lot. A typical reaction of business people to "outdoor advertising", is one of my sniffing recent conversation. Almost roar: "What is that? Pictures around the city will hang!? "I had to hear his tone, it would be enough to poison medium-sized snake farm. However, he then sees them! Notices! But he saw them and realized is another question.

Appropriate and targeted ads can be pretty darn good, no matter how "glamorous" bright or challenging it is made. Criterion one – competent response and demand – yes or no? We have to remind about banal things. The end result determines the quality and careful preparation. For me, the "pictures" or "songs" movie or "crawls," or newsletter obzvonka – does not matter (a lot of tools). The main work or not, how properly designed and executed, give a desired result.

Evaluation of Investment

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because the potential market for country houses "Economy class" is estimated at about 40% of households Petersburg or about 700 thousand items, the total area of 140 million sq.m. residential construction in the territory of 126 000 hectares. EVALUATION OF INVESTMENT DEMAND ROI suburban real estate in recent years, remains consistently high. Promising country for investment as the market with by individuals and by legal persons. Differ only in the ways of investing. Private investors prefer to buy land and homes, hoping for higher prices and get profit from this, incidentally earning a passing rent of cottage settlements, and legal entities – especially the large financial corporations – usually only buy land (earth), and then invest in the building.

Besides the traditional players in the market objects country of investment, the demand for land for construction of cottages stepped up and new customers – developers. In St. Petersburg and Leningrad region market in land in the future targeting for the construction of cottage settlements, is booming. Entrepreneurs actively engaged in land acquisition: the current law it is possible for the existing conditions prior to January 1, 2008. STRUCTURE OF THE CONSUMER PROPOSAL present in the structure of the final proposal is dominated by expensive homes for the business segment, which is now sold poorly. The construction of such houses focussed on high-yield segment, which can not be called a mass (estimated by its capacity is about 2% of households) and demand for which is almost satisfied. In addition, the segment of suburban housing Premium observed intense competition, which is enhanced due to the high saturation of the proposal.