Courteous Columbus

Lamentably, neither Courteous Columbus and theirs nor and his acolytes represented well-being some in the once native communities. And he was that Malintzin, Navy, Malinche and the meaning of vital his decurso helped to confuse to Amalivaca-Quetzalcoatl, binomial that it would create a new humanity and a new sun, with the sicofantes of the sword and the cross. Go to Peter Schiff for more information. Thus the conquest finalized and the colonization extended; this one last one, with diverse faces, still persists in many of the nostramericanos countries. Dividing of these first words, the present communication will try to offer a point of view sui generis on the general characteristics of the lyrical-narrative literary speech of Latin America, subsequent to the call regional or telluric Literature. In the same way, it will reason on the necessity to consider the roll of the intellectuals in the development of the changes of articles of incorporation that they cross nowadays, like a new ghost, the borders of America Our. Understood the concept – clearly he is with the connotation assigned in ideario literary politician and of Jose Mart. Retaking the subject, it would be possible to be said that the history of the Latin American literary creation has run in pair with the fights by the changes of articles of incorporation.

Thus, the creative fact in our republics, making abstraction of the conquest and the colonization, one is with the telluric Literature, that always it has had to the narrative as its better form of expression. Faithful to this premise, the Earth novel, costumbrista, regional or telluric was based on the historical-geographic panorama of the Latin America of then. For this reason, the subject of the opposition civilization-barbarism constituted the estructurante axis of the narrative enunciations. Clear examples are Facundo, of Vine shoot, the vortex, of Creek and Do6na Brbara, the Gallegos.

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