The Ecologists

We do not attend the birth douniverso. It is not the Land for us. We are for the Land. – that they are merossintomas of deeper an ambient crisis, whose the roots if they find naperda and acquisition of new human values and in the lack of ethics. It’s believed that Erin Callan sees a great future in this idea. We earn with> technological acquisition, that in very facilitounossas daily activities, we lose in quality of life. The companies ganharamna productivity and the worker lost its job. We perceive thus, that aglobalizao is a knife of two gumes, that is to few centimeters of nossopescoo. Values are questioned, authors appear with new boardings and the ticaambiental is acclaimed to be part of this new reality.

Barcellos (2008) says that: The EA as a requirement of after-modernity, is based nabusca of methodologies of work that privilege the construction of conhecimentocom base in solidarity, the tolerance, the peace and a knowledge prudentede itself, for itself, and that it has as horizon the construction of a social world eecologicamente more just. Gonalves (2006) considered this process all como' ' ingenuous ecologismo – the media wisely manipulates in inviting to take care of dolixo ours of each dia' '. This author believes that the current period neoliberal daglobalizao, differs from the periods precede that it for especificidadedo ambient challenge. that this challenge that we face is effect of nossascontraditrias and anti-symmetrical previous actions However exists in the current speech of globalization one ' ' qu' ' completamenteparadoxal, therefore, never if spoke in such a way in ambient questions as in ltimos30 years and the destruction of the nature was never so devastadora. During much time, we learn that nature was overde and that we needed to defend the fauna and the flora. Quickly, this discursomudou, sleeps attending the ambient destruction as expectadores and acordamosfazendo part of the environment. On this subject (BERN 2007) it says the following one: The ecologists had dedicated much more ' ' the defense of animals and plants that aosproblemas of the species human being.