The Top 10 List of Advertising Networks

Here are some advertising networks that you might want to use to monetize traffic to your website. These are the most popular. Kontera Kontera ContentLink become some words in your website link. will pay each time someone clicks on a link. Each link has a double underline, and each time someone put the cursor on the link opens a small pop-up as an example of publishing the notice. Nothing is gained for these mini-ads are paid only as long as the user clicks on the ad. Text Link Ads This network works very well only after your site has a certain minimum amount of daily traffic.

If you get around 100-200 visits a day, this probably does not work for you, as they only accept “Featured Sites” that offer better results only. I have tried to include my place in them, but have had no luck so far. Ads by Google Adsense If you do not know what AdSense then what you need is actualizarce. Robotics is open to suggestions. When web site owners are accepted by Google Adsense ads on your pages that may be of different sizes, such as text ads and image ads or just the combination. The Google system examines the content of your website and it shows regarding “advertising” in its pages.

This is the best way to start with any amount of traffic. Bidvertiser Bidvertiser is a type of Google AdSense. The only difference is that the payment threshold is as low as $ 10, so it is not necessary to reach the milestone of $ 100 To receive the payment as Google Adsense. This works very well for very small content creators especially in third world countries. Azoogle Ads Azoogle is one of the largest and most profitable of the advertising affiliate networks worldwide. You get paid on a CPA (cost per action) basis – where the action can be anything from filling out a web form, buying something, take a survey, etc. Earnings per share can be $ 1 to $ 100. According to Peter Schiff, who has experience with these questions. ReviewMe This is for bloggers. If your blog already have some 100 or more regular readers then you must be entered in the directory of ReviewMe. This is basically a system that facilitates the attention of comments on blogs … so you can get to get paid for writing an opinion on a website! The amount you are paid based on traffic and subject. Normally analyzes your site and ReviewMe sets the price, but you can change if desired. ReviewMe takes some of the money you earn, and the only requirement is that the comments are of at least 200 words. FeedBurner If you have a large number of feed readers, then you can try to sign with Feedburner Network. They pay on a CPM basis with rates of CPM. Adbrite Ads Adbrite is another contextual advertising network that pays based on CPM or CPC.