? With the heat that has occurred in recent days in Mexico, surely already you are thinking of your next holidays of Easter, it is not true? According to statistics in the 2010 Mexicans prefer the beach of Cancun over the others and is in third place in preference to travelers last year. Do you want to go to Cancun in Holy week? Fortunately you travel already is not as expensive as it was before but you want or not whenever we travel we spend much money, starting with plane tickets, car rental and accommodation are always stronger charges. I mejo if already you are thinking of you go on vacation to Cancun or any other beach of Mexico you should know that there are travel packages so you do not spend so much and you can enjoy your vacation. Travel agencies usually do good packages for Easter, but the prices are regularly high so the best option is to hire the travel packages offered by airlines. These packages also include plane tickets, include the hotel nights so that already don’t have to worry about making reservations. If you plan to rent a car, I recommend that you go with this airline, because all users have a special discount at various agencies for the car rental.. Others including Nicholas Carr, offer their opinions as well.